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what if i died in like twenty years and all i left my girlfriend was a box and like she gasps and reaches down to her chest where her key necklace hangs that i gave her twenty two years ago, and she uses it to unlock the box and all that is in there is a string which you can pull to reveal an embarrassing photo of spongebob at the christmas party

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Happy Birthday Spencer James Smith!

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Me: ugh, the radio always plays the same songs
Me: *listens to same album on repeat for 7 years*
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What a girl wants, what a girl needs…
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as a girl, loving yrself isn’t just cool and positive for daily life, but it’s also very political. companies and laws and social standards don’t advocate self-love for women. it’s Abnormal and it might seem like a little thing to do but it’s actually crucial. keep up the good work gals :~)

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american idiot starts off all yeah lets kick ass but by the end of the album woah where’d all this emotion come from

because every teenager ever acts all badass and rebellious to hide the fact that we’re still scared kids full of feelings and tenderness inside

This text post starts off all kick ass but by the end its like woah where did all this emotion come from

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gerard needs to go to the bathroom

gerard may

gerard wears a suit

gerard slay

gerard thinks everything is haunted

gerard cray

Gerard used to make out with men
Gerard Gay

gerard says he’s straight

gerard play

Gerard is a good husband
Gerard Bae

gerard turns into a horse

gerard neigh

gerard takes up pottery

gerard clay

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Thank god for franks short sleeve shirt I feel like I haven’t see his tattoos in ages

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